All 1010 classes are included in the full semester and condensed curriculum.

Intro to Cannabis 1010

Covers the basics of horticulture, legal, becoming a patient, becoming a caregiver, clinics and doctors, and labs. It is designed to provide a general overview of the classes and school as a whole. Intro to cannabis will also offer a beginners approach to horticulture that is not specifically directed toward cannabis.

Cannabis as Medicine 1010

Learn what cannabis does to your body, how safe it really is, how it can be used as medicine properly, what conditions it can be beneficial for, the effects and adverse effects, and much much more! Taught by our team of doctors and health care professionals.

Horticulture Lec 1010

Our beginner level cultivation class. Covers seeds, clones, vegetative growth, flowering, harvesting, grow rooms, green houses, outdoor growing, cases studies, lights, equipment, electricity, soil, containers, hydroponics, water, temperatures, nutrients, air, pests, diseases, an intro to breeding and much, much more!

Horticulture Lec 2010 Pre-requisite

Horticulture and lab 1010

NOT A CLASS FOR BEGINNERS. This class covers advanced techniques on cannabis strains, breeding, pollination, seeds, mutations, hybrids, plant vigor, tissue culture, sex-inherited traits, chromosome modifications, evolution, morphology, breeding traits, floral traits, photosynthesis chemistry, scientific classification, calyxes, and much more!

Cooking and Concentrates Lab 1010

So it is one thing to learn how to make things, but how about you make them yourself! Learn how to get your dosages and recipes right with our hands on cooking class and EAT your WORK! (Coming spring 2010)

Legal 1010

In legal 101 you will learn the many different areas of the law, taught to you by an attorney whose expertise is in medical marijuana. The curriculum for this class includes a legal history of cannabis, overviews of Michigan and federal law, dealing with the law, and many other aspects of how cannabis laws affect patients, caregivers, businesses, and society as a whole. Also offered, one on one consultations with our legal professor.

Cannabis History 1010

Learn the history of this sacred plant. From 3000 B.C. until today, learn how it has developed and evolved into the exceptional plant it is today. This class covers the use of cannabis in colonial times, the importance of hemp to the early economy, the elections of 1912, the roaring 20’s, the Mexican drug war, and much more!

Horticulture Lab 1010

A hands on approach that runs parallel with our horticulture 1010 class. Designed to give students the upper hand and unique knowledge it takes to not only learn but succeed in cannabis horticulture.

Cooking and Concentrates 1010

Learn how to cook with cannabis! This class covers methods of ingestion, dosages, making butter and oil, making tinctures, hash making, making drinks, cannabis infused alcohol, over 200 recipes for cooking meals treats and snacks, and a whole lot more!

Care-giving as a Business 1010

Learn what it takes to get started in the care-giving business. Everything is covered from business formation to accounting and legal documents. Maybe you even want to quit your boring day job and start running your own care-giving business? Well, the law allows you to do just that! Learn just what it takes from our business experts and get on the road to success today.

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